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North Coast Psychotherapy, bringing the Jungian tradition to the Northern Rivers

Marie Makinson

My practice includes Sandplay Therapy which is a creative form of therapyMarie Makinson
based on Jungian principles. Clients can choose to have Jungian analysis, sandplay therapy or a combination of the two. I began my Jungian practice in Lismore since 2005 and my second practice in Brisbane in 2009. I now practice entirely in Brisbane while also offering sessions to people in other locations via phone and phone interfaces.

Jung observed that the main cause of entrenched psychological problems is a conflict between a person's conscious position and the hidden position in the unconscious. As an analyst I work to bring the unconscious position into the light. The unconscious expresses itself through dreams and in creative processes which are not entirely under conscious control. This is why dream work and sandplay are important in my practice aspects and where appropriate I encourage my clients to engage in one or sometimes both modalities. Fluid and open ways of working directly with dream amnd sandplay images also activate inner resources as well as facilitating a "dialogue" with the unconscious.

Kalachakra Mandala
At the same time the therapy is grounded in the experience of the present moment and the continuous work of developing awareness about what is occurring in the background of the psyche. Through this activity we become aware of the different inner characters and repetitive stories with 'all too familiar feelings' that drain our psychic energy. The therapeutic relationship itself presents many opportunities for increased awareness of internal dynamics. Habitual though unconscious ways of relating and feeling emerge into consciousness by paying attention to the subtle interactions occurring between client and therapist. Deep empathy bringing the recognition of pain, strength, beauty and spirituality as well as other contents that may be in the unconscious are central aspects of this interpersonal process.


My Jungian training was with the Guild of Analytical Psychologists in London. This training emphasised the interface between psychology and spirituality. I am interested in religious experience and imagery, and the different ways that spiritual practice engages and develops the inner life. My Jungian Sandplay Therapy training was with the International Society for Sandplay therapy of which I am a member and a Certified Sandplay Therapist. See the page on sandplay for more details.

I have worked as a therapist since 1979. The first 23 years of my professional practice were primarily in bodywork. Attending to the language and expressions of the body is the fourth major focus of my current therapeutic work.

Overall my approach is classically Jungian, involving detailed analysis of psychic processes and emotions, dreamwork, Jungian Sandplay Therapy, transference and body awareness. I work specifically with the "self regulating" aspects of the psyche: the "drive towards wholeness" that Jung observed. An essential part of this integrative work is a deep belief in the healing power of nature.


Post Grad Diploma of Psychological Counselling: (University of Surrey, UK)
Diploma Analytical Psychology (GAP-London, UK)
Certified Sandplay Therapist

Professional Affiliations and Associations

The International Association for Analytical Psychology IAAP
The Guild of Analytical Psychologists GAP
Member of Australia and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts: ANZSJA
Member of International Society for Sandplgy Therapists ISST

Contact Details:

Email: marie@northcoastpsychotherapy.com.au

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Brisbane Practice:
Arthur Terrace,
Red Hill QLD 4059
Mobile: 0423206682