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North Coast Psychotherapy, Bringing the Jungian tradition to the Northern Rivers

Welcome to our North Coast Psychotherapy website. We are situated in the Northern New South Wales region of Australia.

We provide psychotherapy, psychological and counselling services for the Northern Rivers regions of The Byron Bay Shire, The Lismore Shire, Ballina Shire, Tweed Shire, The Gold Coast and Robina district and Brisbane.

Our site is designed to introduce you to the three Jungian analysts in our practice and tell you something about the way we work. Our work is based on the ideas and psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. We offer Jungian psychotherapy, analysis, short-term counselling and sandplay therapy.

People come to see us for many different reasons.They may: have relationship problems, be emotionally distressed or traumatised, be suffering from depression or anxiety, be confused or have low self esteem. Some people have no particular problem but feel that their life lacks meaning, depth or connection to others.

Our approach continues a one hundred year old tradition of creative psychotherapy. Jungian work brings together: the inner world, imagination, dreams, emotion and spirituality with the every day problems of daily life.

Jungian psychotherapy is a vessel in which to safely contain the transformative process of integrating aspects of the unconscious. Out of the transformative, integrative work of therapy a renewed personality gradually emerges over time.

Good outcomes in working with any psychotherapist, psychologist or counsellor rely on the depth and integrity of the relationship between therapist and client. As Jungians, we take care to provide a safe, reliable, non-judgemental and compassionate environment in which the relationship can develop.

On a professional level, we work in accordance with strict ethical codes of conduct and we maintain the high standards of our work with on-going professional development and supervision.

The three therapists comprising North Coast Psychotherapy are Patrick Burnett, Marie Makinson, and psychiatrist, Prof. Leon Petchkovsky. We are all qualified Jungian analysts who have undergone an in-depth Jungian analytic training which includes a rigorous personal analysis.

Our inspiration comes from the work of C.G. Jung and others who have continued to develop his ideas as well as from the broader psychoanalytic tradition.

Now that you know a bit about North Coast Psychotherapy, you can read more about our individual psychotherapists: Patrick Burnett, Marie Makinson, Prof. Leon Petchkovsky